Unique Beach Wedding Decorations & Fun Beach Theme Wedding Decorations

beach wedding decorations

When it comes to beach wedding decorations your options are endless!

So if you’re looking for that perfect beach wedding decoration to complete the look, stick around for some great ideas …

If you’re having a true beach wedding, you will mostly need to think about two types of decorations - ceremony decorations and beach wedding reception decorations.

If on the other hand, you’re not going to get married on a beach but are having a beach themed wedding, you need to get beach theme wedding decorations. And there are plenty of those to choose from as well.

If you’re getting married on a beach, mother nature will provide most of your decorations for free!

Even with minimal additional decorations, your wedding setting will look stunning.

So make sure that you take advantage of the various color schemes and silhouettes that nature provides.

For the reception though, you will need to enhance the look. Wedding decorations to choose from include …

- beach themed wedding centerpieces

- wedding parasols

- seashells

- candle holders

- table lanterns

- beach wedding place cards

- sailboat place card holders

- flip flop place card holders

- seashell placecard holders

- palm tree place card holders

- silk rose petals for weddings

- starfish decorations

- wedding bird cages

- seashell napkin rings

- silk hawaiian leis

- colored sand

beach bride 101 tips and advice

Don’t have much to spend on beach themed wedding decorations?

Let your guests be your wedding décor!

Ask your guests to wear a certain color. Click to Tweet

For example, you could ask your guests to wear shades of blue or orange.

You can choose any color that you think would compliment and enhance your backdrop.

Beach Theme Wedding Decorations

Planning and organizing a beach theme wedding can prove to be much more of a hassle then actually getting married on a beach because with this type of wedding you have to “create” the whole beach feeling yourself.

You do have a vast range of decorations to choose from though, so don’t panic!

Some brides go for a designated color for the whole wedding … so you may opt to choose the ever popular turquoise or blue color scheme or perhaps a sand and seashells color scheme.

As for the actual decorations themselves, you can choose from beach balls, fake palm trees, seashells, starfish, nets, buoys, driftwood, anchors, surf boards, tiki torches, etc.

The best place to find these type of wedding decorations is on the Internet, party stores and specialized decorating shops.

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