Beach Wedding Cameras Guide

Single Use Wedding Camera Ideas & Tips

Beach wedding cameras have been popular for years now, because sometimes, simple candid wedding photos end up being more treasured than professional ones!

Perhaps the main reason for this is because it’s practically impossible for your wedding photographer to capture ALL the interesting or cute moments that will occur during your wedding.

For a lot of couples, their wedding day passes by in a flash and some even “complain” that it seems that it was just a dream or a blur. What with all the excitement, stuff that you need to do and so on, it’s very easy to end up not really being able to savor things.

This is when a single use wedding camera comes in handy. Simply by placing disposable wedding cameras on your reception tables, you can rest assured that no memorable moment is left out from your wedding photo album.

Your guests will be delighted to capture all that special or funny cute moments that usually occur in any wedding.

And whatsmore, nowadays there are countless wedding disposable cameras to choose from, varying in style, color or theme! Choose from gorgeous beach themed wedding cameras, classic silver or gold cameras and much more.

Take a look at our gorgeous selection of beach wedding cameras ...

For more information on each camera, just click on the image that you like!

These beautiful high-quality disposable cameras are just what you need to compliment your beach themed wedding in style!

Just place one or two on your wedding tables and let your guests do the rest.

Adorned with beach themed designs, these cameras can double as an elegant decoration on your wedding tables, thus saving you money on other wedding accessories.

Simply place these gorgeous beach wedding cameras on your wedding tables and wait for the fun to start!

If you’re using shades of the color blue as your main wedding color, then these gorgeous beach wedding cameras will blend in perfectly with the rest of your beach themed decorations and accessories.

The disposable cameras for wedding trend was started many years ago and is still a top favorite with many couples.

Just by spending a little extra, you will truly be able to savor every special moment of your wedding from all perspectives and angles.

Perfect for a unique wedding photo album!

Remember to leave plenty of cameras on the tables because you don’t want to have a guest “desperately” looking for a camera to capture that cute or funny moment at your wedding.

Your wedding photographer cannot be in two places at the same time, so in order to ensure that you do not lose out on those special photo opportunities, simply get a few wedding cameras and let your guests do the rest.

Remember to leave a friendly note on the table beside your beach wedding cameras, encouraging your guests to participate in your wedding by capturing those special moments.

They will love the opportunity and you will be forever grateful when you’re later browsing through the photos. You can either instruct your guests to leave the cameras on the tables or have special baskets where they can leave them before leaving the reception venue.

Some things to expect with disposable wedding cameras …

- Their technology is not the latest and the end result will not be as professional as that obtained from a digital wedding camera.

- Some of your guests will not be used to using these kinds of cameras.

- Expect to get a couple of “wasted” photos such as photos of ceilings, noses, etc.

- You obviously have to pay for the printing of the photos.

- It’s possible that some cameras will end up having unused film.

All in all though, most couples are happy with the overall result of using disposable wedding cameras.

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