Looking for a unique Beach Wedding Cake Topper?

Ideas for special Beach Theme Wedding Cake Toppers ...

A Beach Wedding Cake Topper can only be perfect if it spells YOU!

With countless beach theme wedding cake toppers to choose from, it's very easy to lose sight of your own personality and tastes and go for the best seller, or the most popular at that given moment. Don't!

The cake topper would be one of the most visible items at your beach wedding reception.

Your guests will notice it immediately and of course the wedding cake will be photographed endlessly.

So choose a wedding cake topper that is unique, that ties in with the overall theme of your wedding and perhaps most importantly, choose a cake topper that reflects your personality.

Beach themed wedding cake toppers come in all sorts and sizes. Some couples choose to omit the cake topper altogether and that is OK.

Some beach wedding cake designs look stunning without one and a topper would take away the focus from the overall design. So if you're going to have a unique beach wedding cake that does not go well with a cake topper, don't mess it up and insist on having one.

Some beach wedding cake toppers that you can consider are those that incorporate seashells into the design. A Shell Wedding Cake Topper is one of the top favorites with beach brides.

They come in any shape, size or color and are very versatile, so you can practically decorate anything with seashells at your beach wedding.

Starfish Wedding Cake Toppers are also very popular with beach brides and grooms.

If you're having a tropical theme wedding, then consider getting a Tropical Wedding Cake Topper.

Dolphins make for stunning cake toppers as well. Check out our selection of dolphin themed cake toppers by visiting our Dolphin Wedding Cake Topper Ideas page.

Nowadays, the cake topper does not necessarily have to depict a design with the bride and groom. These cake toppers are still very much in demand though. A cute cake topper would have the bride and groom dressed up in beach wedding attire to reflect the casual feel of the wedding.

Palm trees also feature heavily in beach wedding cake toppers. For a gorgeous selection of palm tree cake toppers, go to our Palm Tree Wedding Cake Topper Ideas page.

For the couple that would really like to showcase their individuality, a wedding cake topper that reflects a special hobby you both have will definitely be a conversation starter!

beach theme wedding cake topper

You can also have a crystal monogram cake topper. A simple cake topper like this one could prove to be your best choice if you and your fiancé are finding it hard to decided on what style of cake topper to use.

Some unique beach wedding cake toppers like the one pictured below are downright hilarious …

unique beach wedding cake toppers

When it comes to your wedding cake topper, only you can decide which one's best for you … keep it simple yet stylish, but most of all … let it be YOU!

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