Beach Wedding Bouquets and Beach Wedding Flowers Guide

beach wedding bouquets and flowers

Time to start thinking about the flowers?

Our Beach Wedding Bouquets and Flowers section will help you decide on what flowers to choose, gives you inspiration and ideas on beach wedding flower bouquets, beach wedding pew flower arrangements and much more!

Let’s get started!

Almost all beach brides enjoy choosing their beach wedding flowers.

But of course, few will actually be really knowledgeable about flowers.

We all probably have some idea on what flowers would look nice but when it comes to choosing beach and tropical wedding flowers, you need to know the exact details!

And it really pays to do your research because your beach wedding bouquets and flowers will be a large part of your overall budget.

So give this issue some careful thought and consideration. We recommend that you go into this with an open and realistic mind.

Don’t immediately start fantasizing about all the different sorts of exotic flowers that you’d like to have. If you’re thinking about hard to find flowers, you have to consider their cost too!

So look at all your options and then decide.

beach wedding flowers

Also, it’s best if you ask for help from your trusted florist or beach wedding planner, if you’re going to have one. This comes in handy especially if you’re going to have a destination beach wedding.

beach theme wedding bouquets and flowers

There are florists who specialize solely on beach and destination weddings. Make a list of the florists that serve the area where you’ll be having your wedding and contact a few for advice and ideas. Then decide on who you’re going to hire for your big day.

Of course you can always choose to do the flowers yourself to cut costs. But you really need to consider whether all the extra hassle is worth it!

tropical wedding flowers

Beach Wedding Bouquets and Flowers: What flowers will you need?

- Your Bouquet

- Bouquets and headpieces for your bridesmaids

- Bouquet, basket and headpiece for your flower girl

- Boutonniere for the groom

- Boutonnieres for the groomsmen

- Boutonnieres for the fathers and grandfathers

- Corsages for the mothers and grandmothers

- Flowers for centrepieces & decorations at your ceremony & reception

- Leis for your guests (if you’re having a Hawaiian wedding)

beach wedding bouquet and flowers

Beach Weddings and Beach Theme Wedding Flowers: Quick Tips and Advice

- Shop around. You’d be amazed how prices vary from florist to florist!

- Know that exotic tropical flowers are more expensive.

- If you’re going for fresh flowers, make sure they’re in season.

- Consider adding seashells or other beach related items to your flowers.

- Decide on the size and amount of flowers you’re going to have for your bouquets and arrangements. Will you go for the simple elegant touch with just a couple of large long stemmed flowers or for the more traditional bouquets and arrangements?

- Want to cut costs? Silk wedding flowers are much less expensive than fresh ones.

- Think about the foliage. Accentuate your bouquets and flowers with rich greenery. Palm Leaves, Mostera or Anthurium go really well with large arrangements.

- To cut costs, use flowers that you can find in the location of your wedding.

And of course ...

Start thinking about what types of flowers you’d like to use!

beach wedding flowers

Some flowers to consider are Calla lilies, Dendrobium Orchids, Cymbidium Orchids, Ginger, Heliconia, Anthurium, Plumeria, Bird of Paradise …

tropical beach wedding flowers

beach wedding flowers

Want to add that extra special touch to your beach bridal bouquet?

Consider getting a personalized wedding bouquet ribbon. Go to our Wedding Bouquet Ribbon Ideas page for more information on how you can impress your guests with your exquisite attention to detail!

We hope that we've given you some ideas and food for thought for when you choose your beach wedding bouquets and flowers. With wedding flowers, a little research and some planning can go a long way into make your special day truly memorable!

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