Creative & Unique Beach Themed Wedding Invitations

When it comes to Beach Themed Wedding Invitations, it seems that it’s expected that the invites are creative, fun and non traditional. However, always remember that it’s YOUR wedding and if you prefer more traditional invitations then go for it.

One thing that all Beach Wedding Invitations have in common though, is that they all somewhat reflect the theme of the wedding.

The Internet has made it much easier for the beach bride to find just the perfect beach theme invitations. You will find countless wedding vendors who produce stunning and creative wedding beach invitations.

If you don’t want to shop for your beach themed wedding invitations online, then you can have a look at your Yellow Pages, find a reliable local printer or check out related advertisements in your local paper or on bridal magazines.

beach bride 101 tips and advice

What’s the best time for an afternoon beach wedding?

The time of day is very important in a beach wedding.

We recommend that you ask your photographer for advice on this issue.

He or she will know what’s best as regards to lighting and according to the location of the beach that you choose. As a general rule though, you will get the best lighting up to two hours prior to sunset.

If you have a tight budget, you might want to consider doing your own beach themed wedding invitations! You will find this easier if you have dabbled with making your own cards in the past.

You also need to think about what words you’re going to use on the invites. The words should preferably reflect your personality and perhaps give your guests a taste of what to expect at your wedding.

It is also very important that you highlight the exact location of your wedding. This means that if you’re going to have a proper beach wedding as opposed to a beach themed wedding in a hotel for example, then you should specify this in your invitations so that your guests will choose the right attire.

A map is also very helpful, especially for guests who are out of town.

The design of your beach themed wedding invitations will also be reflected in your thank you cards and also the wedding program. So think of a design that will look well and that can be professionally executed on these as well.

The most important thing with beach theme wedding invitations is to decide on the whole theme and color scheme. So think about what your wedding’s theme will be and then make sure that it’s reflected in the invitations.

Nautical Wedding Invitations

nautical wedding invitations

Nautical wedding invitations are ideal for couples that are in love with the ocean and sea.

The most favored predominant color for these types of invites is blue, although nowadays you will find other colors as well.

Simple crisp designs make these types of wedding invitations elegant and stylish.


Seashell Wedding Invitations

seashell wedding invitations

There's something about seashells that make anyone's (young and not so young) heart smile!

Sea shell wedding invitations are among the most popular invites in their genre, and come in various shapes, sizes and material.

Choose from simple, plain ones or go for elaborate, more luxurious designs.


Palm Tree Wedding Invitations

palm tree wedding invitations

Palm Tree Wedding Invitations are another top favorite for beach weddings or beach themed weddings.

They're also the top choice for a tropical wedding or destination wedding.

With a Palm Tree Wedding Invitation, your guests will be literally counting the days to your wedding!


Starfish Wedding Invitations

starfish wedding invitations

With a starfish wedding invitation you can really let your creativity run wild, because you can either choose simple invites or more elaborate ones with real starfish pasted on the invitations!

Starfish wedding invitations are one of the most popular beach themed wedding invitations!


Dolphin Wedding Invitations

dolphin wedding invitations

Dolphins are another popular choice with beach brides.

And of course, if you're going to have a Dolphin Theme Wedding, then dolphin wedding invitations are an automatic choice!

Cute, playful and lively, these charming wedding invitations are sure to please.


Tropical Wedding Invitation Ideas

tropical wedding invitation

Just the words "tropical wedding" is enough to make most people go into a dream world of their own.

And who can blame them?

Introduce your tropical wedding or beach themed wedding with a bang, with gorgeous and stylish Tropical Wedding Invitations!


Tropical Flower Wedding Invitation Ideas

tropical flower wedding invitation

If you're having a tropical beach wedding, consider getting tropical flowers wedding invitations. Flower designs have always been a popular choice for wedding invitations and with a beautiful tropical flower invite, you'll be highlighting your tropical theme to the max!

Just what you need to get your guests excited about your big day.


Bird of Paradise Wedding Invitation Ideas

bird of paradise wedding invitations

Perfect for both destination weddings and tropical weddings, bird of paradise wedding invitations will intrigue your guests to no end!

This unusual and unique flower cannot be easily described with words. Its beauty is simply magical!

Birds of Paradise Wedding Invitations ooze sophistication and promise fun times ahead.


Hibiscus Wedding Invitation Ideas

hibiscus wedding invitation

The Hibiscus flower has long been a popular choice for tropical wedding invitations (as well as destination and beach weddings).

This beautiful flower comes in various colors.

This makes it the perfect choice if you want to match certain tropical related accessories with your main wedding color.


Beach Heart Wedding Invitations

beach heart wedding invitations

Two hearts in the sand ... How's that for romantic beach themed wedding invitations?

Hearts wedding invitations have always been a popular choice with couples.

And when it's two hearts on a sandy beach, they truly are irresistible!

Dreamy, magical and oh so romantic.


Flip Flop Wedding Invitations

flip flop wedding invitations

Want some fun and care free beach wedding invitations?

Consider getting these adorable flip flop wedding invitations!

Two pairs of flip flops and bright and lively colors guarantee good times ahead.

These type of invites are best suited for informal beach weddings.


Destination Wedding Invitations

message in a bottle invitations

Many couples have some degree of difficulty to decide on what type of wedding invitations to go for when they're having a destination wedding.

The huge amount of choice here can make you feel overwhelmed. However, when you think about certain important issues, things may become easier.


Message in a Bottle Invitations

message in a bottle invitations

Want to give your guests something different and original?

Consider getting these unique message in a bottle invitations!

Give your guests these awesome beach themed wedding invitations and watch them as they start raving about your upcoming nuptials.


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