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Time to make up your mind on your beach wedding cake? Our Beach Theme Wedding Cakes section will help you decide on which design to go for.

beach theme wedding cakes

With beach weddings, it's all about the little yet simple details.

And it's no different with the wedding cake.

A beach themed wedding cake can really give you the chance to let your creativity flourish.

Of course, you will then have to find a cake designer that will actually turn your ideas into a beautiful and impressive wedding cake.

Perhaps the easiest way to get ideas, is to look at photos of wedding cakes. The pictures don't necessarily have to be restricted to beach theme wedding cakes since you can never really say from where you can get a really cute idea for your cake.

Beach Theme Wedding Cakes Ideas and Inspiration

Seashells are perhaps the most popular accents for beach wedding cakes. The seashells are often edible and made from icing, marzipan, chocolate or other types of candy. Some wedding cake bakers also choose to use real seashells to compliment the look.

Don't restrict yourself to just the popular options … it's YOUR wedding after all and not anyone else's. Choose what YOU and the groom like. Something that is YOU.

Maybe you love scuba diving, sailing or anything related to the sea or the beach … why not let your wedding cake represent that passion of yours?

The use of tropical flowers is also very popular for beach themed wedding cakes. The flowers can be edible or natural. There's something about a beach wedding that encourages that bonding with nature doesn't it?

This is why many couples choose to have their wedding cake decorated with natural things such as flowers and seashells.

beach wedding cakes

Sea creatures are another popular choice. You can incorporate a mermaid, a sea horse, an oyster with a pearl or better still, an oyster with a pair of wedding bands inside … a cute dolphin, a starfish ...

Let your creativity wander, brainstorm ideas and before you know it, you'd have chosen just the perfect beach wedding cake design and theme!

Another option is to have a Sandcastle wedding cake. If you've always dreamed of having a fairytale wedding then this could be just the perfect choice for you. And of course, sandcastles tie in perfectly with the beach wedding theme.

If you usually go for extravagant things, with this type of wedding cake you can really wow anyone who'll be present at your wedding, because a Sandcastle cake can be as elaborate and detailed as you wish!

The location of your beach wedding can also inspire you to come up with unique ideas for your wedding cake. For example, if you're getting married in Hawaii you can get inspiration from local traditions and customs. In addition, if there's something particular in the location that you've chosen, for example the area is a popular surfing spot, then you could use a surfing theme for your wedding cake.

We hope that you've found some beach theme wedding cakes inspiration while reading this section. Remember ... your wedding cake should be all about YOU!

Be original, let your creativity run wild and you'll come up with just the perfect beach wedding cake design!

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